Fade From Valorant: Maps for Dominating the Game

Fade From Valorant: Maps for Dominating the Game

Fade from Valorant, armed with the menacing Haunt ability, is making waves as a fearsome initiator. Players are quickly discovering that she might just outshine Sova on certain maps. Let’s explore the best Valorant maps where Fade can truly shine.

Fade From Valorant: Haunt’s Height Advantage

Fade’s signature move, Haunt, has some serious recon power. Unlike Sova’s Recon Bolt, Haunt can attach to roofs, giving you the upper hand by scanning a large portion of any site. Its quick enemy reveals and Marked debuff make it a potent intel-gathering tool.

Fade From Valorant: Size Matters: Maps that Favor Fade

However, not every map is a playground for Fade. The shorter throw distance of Haunt makes her less effective on larger maps like Breeze and Icebox. In these vast landscapes, opponents can easily dodge her utility, limiting its impact.

Ace Maps for Fade: Bind, Ascent, and Haven

Valorant pros have spoken, and maps like Bind, Ascent, and Haven are where Fade truly shines. These maps offer openness and plenty of roofs, creating perfect scenarios for Haunt to excel.

  1. Bind: On Bind, Fade unleashes multiple Haunt lineups attacking from A Short. One powerful lineup lands on the roof in front of A site, revealing almost the entire area. Prowler proves its worth by clearing Hookah, just like Raze’s Boom Bot.
  2. Ascent: Fade dominates on Ascent with Haunt swiftly scanning B Main, allowing her to spray enemies through the wall from B Lane. Mid is also a strategic spot for Haunt, providing instant intel on enemy positions and potential rotations.
  3. Haven: Fade thrives on Haven, with its three bomb sites. The openness and roofs on this map make it an ideal playground for Haunt, giving Fade a significant advantage.

Fade From Valorant: Split: Scaling New Heights

Fade also proves to be a strong pick on Split, another compact map. Prowler becomes a valuable tool for clearing A Ramp, and she can survey both sides of Ramp with just a single use. Well-placed Haunts on Split can clear out common positions like Rafters and Hell on A site.

Fracture: A Mixed Bag

Fracture is a bit of a wild card. While it’s a large map, close-quarter engagements and narrow spaces make Prowler effective for clearing. Fade might find a place as a secondary initiator here, but Breach remains a staple on this map.

In Conclusion: Mastering Fade’s Playgrounds

To maximize Fade’s potential, choose maps with open spaces and accessible roofs. Bind, Ascent, Haven, and Split are prime examples. Remember, understanding the terrain is key to unlocking Fade’s true power. So, dive into these SLOT DEPO 10K maps, Use of those roofs, and let Haunt dominate the battlefield!