Yoo Ah-in Pelted with Money After Attending Drug Case Hearing

Yoo Ah-in

Following his alleged involvement in a drug abuse case, civilians targeted South Korean actor Yoo Ah-in once again. After attending a temporary detention hearing at the Central District Court in Seoul on Thursday (September 21), someone threw a substantial amount of money at him.

This incident unfolded as Yoo Ah-in arrived at the court alongside a companion identified as “A.”

Ongoing Drug-Related Legal Proceedings

The two were present for a continuation of the legal proceedings related to allegations of violating South Korea’s narcotics control law, including accusations of illegal drug possession, destruction of evidence, and fleeing from the authorities.

During the event, the actor addressed the gathered reporters, expressing his apologies for causing unrest and pledging to testify truthfully in court.

“I apologize once again for causing unrest. I will respond sincerely in court and testify truthfully,” said Yoo Ah-in, as reported by MK Sports via Naver.

Incident Unfolds After the Hearing

The incident occurred after the court hearing concluded. As Yoo Ah-in walked toward a police vehicle, a civilian initiated a commotion by throwing something in his direction.

It turned out that the civilian threw a substantial amount of money toward the actor’s head, accompanied by shouts of frustration.

“Use this money in jail!” the civilian yelled as they tossed the money.

Yoo Ah-in did not react significantly when the money was directed at his face. He promptly entered the vehicle with a composed expression and his hands restrained.

This incident was not the first time Yoo Ah-in has faced such hostility during his involvement in the drug-related case. In May, the 36-year-old actor was hit by a coffee bottle thrown by a civilian.

Back then, he was struck by the coffee bottle as he exited the detention cell. Yoo Ah-in, dressed in a black suit and tie, was hit despite the heavy security presence.

He appeared surprised at the moment but quickly turned around, and his security detail hurried him toward the waiting vehicle.

Yoo Ah-in’s Involvement in the Drug Case

The police previously summoned Yoo Ah-in for further investigation regarding allegations of illicit drug use. Besides zolpidem, they suspected him of using four other types of drugs: propofol, marijuana, ketamine, and cocaine.

Zolpidem is considered similar to other drugs like propofol and ketamine. However, due to its addictive nature, doctors typically do not allow patients to consume more than 10 milligrams of the drug per day.

In February, zolpidem was not among the drugs initially tested for Yoo Ah-in. Nevertheless, after reviewing prescription records for the actor, the police found sufficient grounds to conclude that he had been misusing the drug.

The police also reportedly conducted raids on medical facilities suspected of providing zolpidem prescriptions to Yoo Ah-in.

United Artist Agency (UAA), Yoo Ah-in’s agency, issued a statement in response to the reports. The agency emphasized that Ah-in had only used sleeping pills to address his insomnia.